May 16, 2008

Chief of Police Belle WV Darrick Cox

I was wondering if anyone new who was out protecting them in the Town of Belle. I do, take a look at this in March of last year now Chief of Police Darrick Cox was charged with Domestic Battery after an incident with his girlfriend. Mayor Conley stated that the Chief of Police, at that time John Sizemore, would investigate and report back. Chief Sizemore was never given the order by Mayor Conley to investigate. Eventually the charges were dropped. There have been reports that Darrick Cox and his Lawyer had a meeting with the victim prior to his trial date. Sounds a bit fishy to me, if you did nothing wrong why would you and your lawyer meet with this girl. I called Kanawha County Magistrate Court asked if the above situation would be appropriate. The lady on the other end of the phone stated that it would be a violation of bond, being as there should be no contact with the victim. Sworn to uphold the law?Also in February of 2001 Darrick Cox was working for the ABC Commission. While working for the ABC Commission he was driving a state car when West Virginia State Police clocked him going 108 miles an hour, 48 above the speed limit on I-77. While doing his best impression of a NASCAR Driver at Daytona he was being followed by two Charleston Police Officers he then crashed while trying to keep up with him. They were coming along to serve as back up. Then in March of 2001 he was fired for getting a lap dance at a club that he regulated, a lap dance that lasted for around thirty minutes, and then refused to pay for. Cox claims that it was a misunderstanding. A misunderstanding, come on. If it was a misunderstanding then why didn't he get hired back?I have spoken with several of the residents in the Town of Belle all of which are unhappy with the state of the Police Department. Numerous complaints have been filed with Mayor Conley, but as usual he sweeps it under the rug by telling everyone that, "he will look into it." This is his response to everyone that he wants to blow off. So basically he tells them what they want to hear so he can go back to having "Chief Cox" run the Town Police Department into the ground. The residents also have stated he pulls women over just to get there phone number, that he harasses women, and one resident even stated that on Halloween he searched several underage girls for eggs, and even went as far as to check there bras. Now if those girls were my two daughters I would be having someone's head. If you go talk to the people of Clendenin they will tell you that he has gotten the Town sued numerous times, while he was Chief of Police there.Oh and before I forget one of the residents of Belle mentioned that he was in North Carolina as a Deputy he got into some major trouble and wound up back here. I'm not sure what it was but I bet it sounds similar to what has happened here.Now is this the person that you want protecting you. As for me I am glad that I am moving away from Belle. It almost seems that he has a problem with women, like problems at strip clubs, domestic battery charges, and on and on.Most of residents of Belle only agreed to being quoted if they were kept anonyms for fear of retaliation. I find it sad that the people who are supposed to protect the town the rights of people make the people afraid because they are afraid that he would trump up a charge on them. It's only a matter of time before he does something so bad that Mayor Conley will not be able to cover it as he continually does. Now I wonder why would he keep covering up for this guy? Maybe that is something that needs to be looked into.Well that is all for now but if anyone has any more information this please post it, it's they only way to get this out there so people will know. Lone Ranger

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